AI’s take on golf’s biggest trends for 2024

Growing Golf
Person types queries into ChatGPT

We asked an artificial intelligence chatbot for its take on the biggest golf industry trends and challenges for the coming year. 

Here’s what it had to say:


Topping the list AI predicts for 2024 was the deepening integration of technology in golf.

ChatGPT says technology will continue transforming our sport and highlighted the importance of data-driven insights in performance improvement, custom fitting, course management and developing fan engagement and golf entertainment.

AI couldn’t have foreseen the events that delayed the launch of the TGL Golf League, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s new venture combining simulator golf, geographical teams, studio audiences and live broadcasts, but it does predict the deepening role of immersive augmented and virtual reality technologies in winning new fans to golf.

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AI confidently predicted that golf’s focus on sustainability and its efforts to reduce its environmental impact would ‘continue and even accelerate in 2024’.

Among the most pressing challenges to golf course superintendents and course owners, ChatGPT correctly identified water scarcity and climate change as serious threats to the sport’s long-term viability.

Global Expansion

You might be surprised that while many golf media discuss the shifting sands of the professional game, the possibility of a World Tour and the proposed framework agreement between The PGA Tour and the PIF (Public Investment Fund) of Saudi Arabia, AI focused on the importance of expanding the game globally into new untapped markets.

The golf industry may continue its efforts to expand globally, with the development of new courses in emerging markets and increased participation from diverse demographics. This could lead to a more internationally diverse golf community.

Rather than namecheck LIV Golf or ‘strategic alliances’, ChatGPT listed the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics as the sporting event with the greatest opportunity to showcase golf and engage new global audiences.

Youth and accessibility

AI stressed the growing importance of diversifying access to golf and the importance of shorter courses, family-friendly venues and coaching programs designed to engage the next generation of golfers.

Initiatives to attract younger players to the sport may lead to the development of more accessible and family-friendly golf experiences. Shorter formats of the game, youth leagues, and educational programs could be introduced to make golf more appealing to a new generation.


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Golf for health

Finally, as golf continues to compete with other sports and activities for people’s precious leisure time, and people take more active interest in their physical, emotional and social wellbeing, AI stated that the sport must continue communicating its value as a holistic wellness activity.

Positioning golf alongside wellness can be a strategic move, and many in the industry have been recognizing the potential synergies between golf and overall well-being. 

While generative AI is not designed to analyse the future and predict events, it analyzes data, trends and existing information published across the internet to form its understanding.