Black Girls Golf

Tiffany Fitzgerald | Black Girls Golf

“Golf seemed like something only white men were doing,” Tiffany Fitzgerald, founder of Black Girls Golf told Topgolf as part of its ‘In Focus’ series.

This realization, paired with a steely determination to challenge the golf stereotypes of corporate America she was a part of, spurred Tiffany on to post a message on social media inviting friends to join her at the golf course.

When 26 women showed up, she knew she had to take things further.

Fast-forward seven years and Black Girls Golf is a movement that spans 35 US states, seven countries and has over 4,000 members.

“It’s kind of like a sisterhood,” says Fitzgerald.

Black Girls Golf connects like-minded women in a non-competitive environment who want to learn, practice and play golf. It holds regular events or ‘meetups’ and aims to remove the intimidation beginners and underrepresented groups often feel.

“Having a sense of belonging is necessary and Black Girls Golf provides just that,” says member Dr Angel Brutus, Assistant Athletic Director at Mississippi State University.

But the origin and the mission of the initiative runs deeper, as Fitzgerald explains:

“I know that the work that I’m doing is going to impact someone who’s going to come after me.

“Someone who can now use golf as a tool to impact or change the trajectory of their life.”

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