How stereotype threats are hurting golf's future

Sue Shapcott

Stereotype threat is a prevalent factor which is serving to drive people (particularly minority groups), away from the game.

Sue Shapcott explains what it is, who is vulnerable to stereotype threat, and what clubs and PGA Professionals need to do to mitigate and neutralize the detrimental impact it can have on participation and retention.

Watch the complete video interview with Sue Shapcott below:

Take action:

What 3 things can a club or venue do to neutralize stereotype threat?

  1. Remove or balance out clubhouse photographs so that they portray different groups of people (not confined to men or golfer stereotype)
  2. Think about the visuals that accompany outgoing comms (email, social media). Ensure that these don’t serve to reinforce stereotypes
  3. Make all staff members aware of stereotype threat and the club’s efforts to remove its impact on potentially affected groups

Sue Shapcott, PhD, is the founder of Change Golf Instruction, a golf coaching business that partners with public golf courses, and Sports Query, a consulting business that assists sports organizations incorporate social science into their policies and practices. Sue is based in Madison, Wisconsin.