How to engage kids and local communities

Growing Golf

Delphine Tseng is on a mission to showcase the value of urban courses as wildlife habitats.

Coloring books and wildlife walks during PGA Tour events are just two ways children and communities are beginning to learn about the true value of their local golf course.

“Golf is really the last green oasis in many urban areas,” says Delphine Tseng of Landseer Communications and Consulting.

“When you are flying into any metropolitan area and you look down from the plane, there is just grey, grey, grey. Then you see spots of green and those are usually golf courses. They support so much wildlife and provide a haven and habitat for the wildlife that is gradually being chased out by the urban development.”

Tseng, who specializes in environmental educational outreach, is helping clubs and courses communicate their true value, while engaging children and communities whom might not otherwise step onto a golf course.

Take Action

Interested in introducing wildflower areas to your course with Syngenta Operation Pollinator? Visit Greencast (UK) or Greencast Online (USA) and Monarchs in the Rough