Jenni falls for golf

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New golfer story: Jenni Falconer

Scottish radio and television presenter, Jenni Falconer, is a working mum who started playing golf at a female-only coaching program,  

As a result, Jenni has now introduced her six-year-old daughter and her husband to the game so they can go to the golf course together.

She might have taken up golf at a younger age, but while most of her family played, she never tried the sport because it wasn’t something that other girls and women around her were doing.

Jenni documented her journey in order to spread the message that golf is a game which women can play and love.

Jenni’s love for the game is evident and her story has become a glowing example of the power and value of engaging with potential female golfers.

She also found the rules and dress codes to be intimidating and excluding.

However, in early 2018, Jenni set herself the challenge to take up golf and play in a competition by the early summer.

The PGAs of Europe introduced her to, a female coaching initiative which aims to break down the barriers that often keep women and girls from the game, as part of a campaign to promote golf to women, while acknowledging the struggles that they can face along the way.

Not only has she become a lifelong customer herself, but the way she has brought the rest of her family into the game with her is a demonstration of why female participation is so important for the industry.

Video: Watch Jenni’s story