Instagram and TikTok to engage young women

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Women on TikTok

A new generation of female golfers who share their experiences on Instagram and TikTok are more likely to have a major impact in inspiring new women to take up the game.

New snapshot report Golf & Social Media: Engaging Women, reveals a more lifestyle-themed approach to promoting the game to women, showcasing fun, informal experiences on Instagram and TikTok appears to be an effective solution in engaging new female audiences. 

According to data from Sprout Social, both Instagram and TikTok have the largest share of users aged 18-24 and also engage users for longer, with TikTok users spending an average of 45 minutes each day on the platform.

Who are these creators and what sort of content do they showcase? We take a closer look at a selection of female creators changing the face of golf:

Mia Baker

Mia Baker (UK)

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Golf content creator, author and presenter Mia discovered the game in 2019 and first learned by watching videos on YouTube. Since then, she has documented her experiences on the course as she seeks to create a positive impact for women and juniors. Mia wrote a children’s book in 2021 to inspire youngsters to take up the game.

Haley Bookholdt

Haley Bookholdt (US)

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TikTok creator Haley Bookholdt has amassed almost half a million followers on the platform and promotes the networking and business benefits for women who play golf. She also created the ‘Golf Girl Network’ Facebook group so that women can connect, share experiences and talk about golf.


Bethan Roberts

Bethan Roberts (UK)

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New to golf, Bethan Roberts documents her real-life experiences and challenges as a beginner, and encourages other young women to get into the game at a local level. Her content has led to her starting her own online travel blog.

Hayden Sylte

Hayden Sylte (US)

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Content creator Hayden Sylte works as a model for a number of different golf and lifestyle brands showcasing a new age of golf fashion and leveraged her sizeable social media following to launch a golf-branded perfume company, ‘On and Off the Course’.

Hannah Davies

Hannah Davies (UK)

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PGA Professional and content creator Hannah mixes entertaining golf content with simple instructional tips for her audience of 100k+. She documents her travel experiences and has set up her own online community for members to access tuition, competitions and exclusive content.


Hannah Gregg

Hannah Gregg (US)

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As an aspiring LPGA Tour player, Hannah Gregg shares her experiences as she attempts to make it onto the biggest stage of women’s golf. She’s partnered with Dunning – an apparel brand which focuses on sleek, technical and versatile-wear for both men and women. Hannah also launched a golf training aid business to help fund her efforts to make it on the LPGA Tour.

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