Karen Proctor: Leading the Way for Women in Golf

Karen Proctor

“I can’t be what I can’t see.” That’s what one female greenkeeper told Karen Proctor at a conference in Australia, where just 1.4% of turf professionals are female.

It’s a moment that made Proctor realize she needed to step out of her comfort zone and speak up as a female leader in the golf industry.

We sit down with the Sales Director - Head of APAC for Textron Specialized Vehicles, in the latest episode of the Growing Golf podcast.

Karen shares her inspiring journey from growing up in Saudi Arabia to becoming a vocal advocate for women leaders in the golf industry. 

Now based in Singapore, she brings a wealth of international experience and a passion for leadership and diversity. 

We discuss Karen’s early life and international background. How she made her way into the hospitality industry, working in hotels, her unexpected transition into the golf sector and much more.

Listen or watch the latest episode now:

Karen Proctor's Journey to Becoming a Global Golf Leader