“My purpose is to help people”


Meet Molly Moore, a PGA Professional in the UK driven by a passion for making golf more inclusive and welcoming for women and girls.

love.golf coach Molly, who teaches at Reigate Hill Golf Club in Surrey, has produced a 5-minute video in which she opens up about life as a female golf coach, how the sport has impacted her since she was a child and her determination to help other women reap the same benefits from playing.

“I don’t think that golf is an obvious option for women if you’re lonely or stressed, you want some respite or escapism,” she says.

“For a woman to say ‘oh I’ll go and play golf’ isn’t a normal route to take, but I want it to be. It would probably be one of the most beneficial too.”

A keen student of psychology and human behavior, Molly explains how many life lessons can be learned through playing golf – particularly for children – and how different approaches are required to make the sport an attractive pursuit for women.