Revolution at the Royal

Case Studies

Royal Norwich Golf Club in the East of England is a pretty, tree-lined course designed by the great James Braid.

It is not the sort of place you would expect to find a revolution brewing. But that’s precisely what is happening.

In September 2019, the flags will be removed from the greens for the last time and the clubhouse doors will be locked.

That’s because this 125-year-old establishment is to become the first Royal club in the world to relocate.

In so doing, it plans to discard the dusty rule book of golf club tradition and transform itself into a contemporary private club focused on leisure and hospitality, and a ‘community’ of customers, with families, females and millennials at its heart.

Leading the relocation – and a revolution in club culture – is General Manager and Director, Phil Grice.

“The business was unsustainable,” says Grice. “In line with England Golf figures, our membership had declined for 11 to 12 years back-to-back and it didn’t look like we were customer focused.”

Podcast: Listen to the full interview with Phil Grice from Royal Norwich Golf Club