New Aussie scheme set to advance girls' golf

Aus golf

The Australian Golf Foundation has underlined its commitment to young women in golf with a Junior Girls Scholarship Program.

At least 200 girls will be supported through scholarships across 40 centres offering MyGolf, Australia’s national junior introductory program for children aged between five and 12.

Each centre will offer a minimum of five scholarships in 2021 to girls aged 10-16 which will be used to help them:

  • Advance their skills through coaching
  • Obtain a handicap
  • Play in club competitions
  • Form lifelong golfing friendships with other girls and members

Bonnie Boezeman AO, Director of the Australian Golf Foundation, who originally established the program at Killara Golf Club, NSW, said: “The aim of this program is to encourage girls to develop their golfing skills at a young age as well as retain girls who graduate from MyGolf.

“Many girls tend to drop out of sports when they hit their teenage years and we are attempting to buck this trend by providing an alignment to a club and a solid 24-week PGA Pro training program.”

The program is aligned to Golf Australia’s Vision 2025 initiative, which aims to provide women with opportunities on and off the course and create the next generation of leaders.

Ten-year-old inductee Kate Mesrop said: “I applied for the scholarship because I wanted to become a better golfer and represent the club. But since I was accepted to the program and understood the meaning behind it, I now feel very privileged to be surrounded by talented young female golfers.

“I feel very lucky that I get a chance to learn, grow and be mentored by the senior ladies group. I am so excited about the experience ahead.”