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GQ's 7 reasons golf is cool

Growing Golf

International men's magazine GQ has celebrated a shift in golf's culture in a recent article, 'Why all your friends started playing golf – and why you should, too’.

It cites seven reasons why golf is fun and thriving following a rapid growth in recent rounds played, drawing particular attention to new products, podcasts, courses, clubs and inventions that have increased the number of touchpoints people have with the game.

GQ's seven reasons are:

  1. The clothes don't suck anymore
  2. People are bringing Caddyshack energy back to the sport
  3. The coaches caught up with us
  4. There's a podcast (and magazine, and community) for everyone
  5. The pros have started playing to the cameras
  6. It feels great to be bad at something
  7. The golf trip got great - and easy

One particular area highlighted was wellness, as argued by GQ's Wellness Columnist Joe Holder.  

“Spending a few hours doing something difficult that has nothing to do with the rest of your life? That's practically therapy,” Holder writes.

“[Golf] requires you to approach it with a childlike mentality, to cultivate presence and acceptance.”

This is a view shared by 'savior' of San Diego’s Goat Hill Park (pictured above), John Ashworth, where the mental health benefits are plentiful.

“Everyone’s welcome, we don’t have a dress code, we’re dog friendly, we play music,” said Ashworth.

“Golf courses are a place to unplug and get away from the craziness of life.”