Changing the Business of Golf: Episode 2

Episode 2: Surviving Lockdown

The second episode of Syngenta Golf’s new docuseries, Changing the Business of Golf, is streaming now – and follows Fame Tate as she and the Stanedge Golf Club team try to survive lockdown.

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As pandemic restrictions take effect and the club is forced to close, Fame is faced with mounting financial pressure to repay bank loans while continuing to cover the costs of course and clubhouse maintenance.

“It has been stressful,” says Fame. “My own house is up for collateral against the business. So, essentially, if this doesn’t work, or I can’t afford to pay the bills, my house will be taken away. 

“But I always try and see a way through things – and we will get through this. As I’ve said to my team, if we get through this, we can get through anything.”

However, the episode reveals the depth of stress brought on by the pandemic. 

Reflecting the findings of a Syngenta Golf survey that more than 60% of greenkeepers, PGA Professionals and club managers have experienced increased work-related mental health problems during the past year, greenkeeper Dave opens up about his feelings.

“I think the lockdown was a big shock,” he says. “I was thinking I would be stuck at home, I can’t do anything.

“I said to Fame I would come up and help and do whatever I can because I cannot stay in; I just can’t. It was scary.”

Changing the Business of Golf is a first for the golf industry; a fly-on-the-wall documentary revealing what it’s really like to own and run a golf club.

It also follows the story of Fame Tate’s remarkable one-woman mission to change golf and transform the customer experience, making her club a friendly, accessible and inclusive community venue.

Watch the series now: Changing the Business of Golf with Fame Tate