Golf club membership searches soar

Golf club membership trends

Searches for ‘golf club membership’ spiked to their highest levels for five years in May.

According to Google Trends data, searches in three of the largest golf markets, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, all surged to their highest levels in mid-May as golf reopened following Covid-19 related restrictions.

Typically, searches for golf club membership peak in April (US, UK) and July (Canada), however April 2020 saw searches plummet compared to previous years.

The global picture

Analysis of worldwide trends revealed a similar picture, with searches peaking in May.

And there is growing evidence that searches are converting to sales.

A leading club in Denmark recently reported a surge in membership sales – attracting 37 new members in the space of just five weeks.

Clubs up and down the UK have also reported a wave of new member applications and over in the US, according to the National Golf Foundation, 44% of course operators are witnessing more rounds being played.

Golf Rounds USA

Source: National Golf Foundation

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