Golf more important to millennials, study reveals

Millennial Golfer Study 2021

A new study has found golf has become more important to millennials as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The study, an annual collaboration between consulting firm GGA Partners and Nextgengolf, a subsidiary of the PGA of America, assessed the attitudes and preferences of more than 1,600 millennial golfers between November 2020 and January 2021.

It found golf had become more important to over 60% of respondents as a result of the pandemic, and that more than four in five (84%) say they can now work from home, with over half (51%) stating this added flexibility allows them to play more golf.

Golf’s resurgence during the pandemic is also reflected in millennial playing habits. The study found annual rounds reached a new peak of 33.9, a 9% year-on-year increase, and average spend per golf round has increased to $47, a 28% increase compared with five years ago.

Green concerns

Social and environmental trends were found to be of increasing importance amongst millennials. Nearly two-thirds (60%) prefer golf venues that actively exhibit social and environmental values, with 64% stating these behaviors would influence their likelihood of purchase.

Interestingly, nearly three-quarters (73%) of respondents stated they would be willing to pay more, if excellent social and environmental practices increased the costs of golf venues.

Commenting on the report, GGA Partners’ Michael Gregory, a partner of the firm said: "What this research shows is a tremendous opportunity for golf facilities and private clubs.

“To succeed in attracting the next generation of members, golf facilities must build their reputations around diversity, inclusiveness, and environmental stewardship, providing an amenity and activity profile designed to create experiences which enrich the emotional connection and sense of belonging that elevates the value proposition most appealing to young golfers.”

Download the full report:

Life in Flux: The Evolving Priorities of Millennial Golfers