'Golfers will appreciate Greenkeepers more'


Golfers will better appreciate the technical work of superintendents as a result of the Coronavirus lockdown in many countries, says the head of an international greenkeeping organization.

Jim Croxton, CEO of BIGGA (British and International Golf Greenkeepers' Association) told Syngenta Growing Golf said the essential work greenkeepers are currently undertaking to maintain courses is critical.

Croxton said: "What’s considered essential to keep golf courses alive has been brought into sharp focus and I think there is an opportunity for us to explain to the golf consumer and the golf industry that what greenkeepers do is more than just cut grass.

"When golfers finally start to get back on their courses, they will really start to appreciate the work that has been done because it will take some time for the vast majority of facilities to go from being loosely maintained, in the way described by the (UK) government and golf industry as being essential, to actually being in tip-top playable condition. And I really hope that will help our members will be appreciated by golfers and their employers and see what it is, technically, that is done by our members.”