Irish growth plans show promising signs


An initiative aimed at levelling the gender playing field at golf clubs in Ireland is showing promising signs.

Launched last year by the Confederation of Golf in Ireland (CGI), Level Par is designed to remove barriers and increase the involvement of women and girls under four pillars: Coaching & Officiating, Active Participation, Leadership & Governance and Visibility.

As Anne McCormack, Club Support & Participation Manager for the CGI, describes: “This is not another campaign about women fighting for women.

“It’s about creating a playing field for anyone of any gender or age where they feel perfectly comfortable in a golf club environment.”

Since its launch, the female coaching workforce has expanded and existing female PGA Professionals have taken part in upskilling events to help with their future development.

Research carried out by the CGI indicates that clubs in Ireland with a female professional have double the national average of female participants.

Progress has also been made on participation, with an uplift in the number of girls at each club increasing from an average of 9.0 to 13.2, increases in the number of female club members, and a commitment by over 80 clubs to The R&A’s Women in Golf Charter.

January 2021 will see the formation of Golf Ireland, and an expanded focus to levelling out representation in the area of leadership and governance.

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