coaches learn from Google’s Head of Creativity

News virtual event’s global community of coaches have been treated to an exclusive virtual event with Google’s Global Head of Creativity, Kirk Vallis.

The event, the latest in a series of virtual events designed to energize and inspire the workforce, was supported by Syngenta and helped coaches to better understand how they can be more creative in their day-to-day professional lives.

During the event, coaches learned different ways to approach problem-solving, how to capture and act on ideas, the importance of understanding different customer perspectives and how to work smarter. Head Coach Alastair Spink, who hosted the event, explains why creativity is critical to the experience: “As PGA Professionals, it can often be easy to fall into the cycle of lessons, time in a shop, time with members, and be left with little time for thinking about introducing new people to the game.

“If we are really going to shift the dial and attract more women, and a more diverse profile of customer more broadly, we need to direct our energy and time in a more balanced way.

“Kirk has helped to equip our coaches with some really meaningful ways of approaching problems and challenges, which will be particularly effective for attracting women to, especially against the backdrop of an ever-changing landscape brought on by the coronavirus pandemic,” added Alastair.

PGA Professional and coach, Jo Taylor, who attended the event, said: “Kirk has helped us understand when we are at our most creative and productive.

“I’m guilty of not making the most of that time at the moment, but that’s something I intend to change as we move into the new year.”

To ensure there is a lasting impact, coaches are participating in follow on tasks based around the theme of each event, and sharing insights and opinions via a dedicated Facebook group.

The next event takes place in January, and features former Fighter Jet Pilot, Mandy Hickson, who will talk about gender and her experiences entering a heavily male dominated environment.

If you are a PGA Professional and would like to attend the next event, contact Head Coach Alastair Spink for more information.