Scandinavian club reports surge in membership sales


A leading golf club in Denmark has reported a surge in membership sales during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Scandinavian in Copenhagen sold 37 new memberships in the five weeks after March 1, including during a month-long period when the country was in partial lockdown and the majority of courses were closed.

The club, which has more than 1,050 members and has the highest membership fees in Denmark, is now nearly full and is introducing a waiting list. Prices have not been reduced.

CEO David Shepherd says the country’s current restrictions limiting play to members of golf clubs is driving demand, with existing members upgrading to family memberships, as well as new individual members applying.

But he also says it’s because golfers are realizing the value of their courses and green spaces.

“People are recognizing the value of being out in the fresh air and being out with close friends; the things existing golf players already know, but actually the people who didn’t commit to a membership are now starting to miss badly.

"I think there is a huge opportunity right now for golf to capitalize on this. Golf is going to be one of the first sports to open up and it is a huge opportunity to showcase everything that is great about golf."