Satirical comedy on women and golf goes viral

Woman stands at a podium at a golf club

A comedy sketch parodying golf from a woman’s perspective has gone viral, receiving more than 2 million views online.

“Other Foot C.C. (The All-Female Country Club)” was produced by Golf Digest’s Hally Leadbetter for GolfPass’s new Better Off With Hally Leadbetter series.

The four-minute sketch presents an alternative universe where a male golfer experiences a range of obstacles and etiquette-based idiosyncrasies during a visit to the club.

Leadbetter told Sports Illustrated that her role-reversal skit was intended to encourage viewers to laugh, think, and consider traditional gender norms and inequalities within golf.

“The inspiration was a culmination of instances or scenarios that either us or our close friends have experienced as women on a golf course, and obviously we exaggerated quite a bit of it for comedy, but we thought, wouldn’t it be funny to flip the script here and put a guy in our shoes,” says Leadbetter. 

Leadbetter wrote the script with Kate Scarpetta and Aliea Clark, two female writers who also play golf, and says they have been blown away by the response.

It has received over 500,000 views on Instagram and has garnered over 2 million views across all social media platforms.

·        Break down the barriers to intimidation

“The outpouring of support from women that this resonated with really validated the video and it was so awesome to see so many men chiming in as well saying it was funny,” Leadbetter says.

Episode One, The All Female Country Club, Lefty Troubles and The Towel, is available to view here.

“Ultimately, we just wanted to make people laugh. If we could get them to think a little bit too, honestly that was our goal and we accomplished that.”