Mahaley Nemtuda: From troubled teen to turf trailblazer

Mahaley Nemtuda

Mahaley Nemtuda has turned her life around.

From a troubled upbringing in which she left home early, faced expulsion from school and became a mother at a young age, she is now forging a career as a trailblazing turf professional.

The assistant superintendent from Mansfield, Ohio speaks on the latest episode of the Syngenta Growing Golf podcast about juggling life, work and studies but wouldn’t have it any other way, as she puts it “you can only be as successful as you are dedicated.”

In a wide-ranging conversation, Mahaley describes a chance encounter with host Gary Firkins at a networking event during this year’s GCSAA Trade Show & Conference in which she asked him, “How do I network?”

She also opens up about her challenging formative years and the help and support she’s received from both her partner, Colby and the turf teams she has worked with.

Mahaley also talks about her plans to give back. Having been helped by mentors around her she now has plans to face her fears of speaking publicly so she can help other students as they embark on their careers in turf.


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