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Since 2011 we have led the industry with groundbreaking market research – including highlighting a $35 billion opportunity to increase the number of women and girls playing golf.

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Global Golf Growth

Syngenta is the leading supplier of innovative turf care solutions to golf courses in 43 countries. Every year, golf benefits from our annual $1.4 billion research and development programme.
We take a long-term view and invest in industries we believe in. And we believe in golf.

Our research highlights the opportunities today that will help shape a vibrant, diverse, sustainable future for the game, with insights, analysis and solutions along the way.


of industry-leading, conversation-shaping market research reports


the global economic opportunity highlighted by Syngenta to increase female participation in the game of golf


mentions of golf in the latest social media listening research carried out by Syngenta in 2023, looking at the topics driving the conversation during a time of notable growth in the game

Growing Golf Reports

Golf & Social Media: Golf Entertainment

Golf & Social Media: Golf Entertainment

Golf entertainment destinations have surged in popularity in recent years so much so off-course golfers now outstrip on-course golfers in the USA. We take a look behind the appeal of these venues and see how golf clubs and courses can capture a share of this market.

Golf & Social Media: Sustainability

Golf is facing increasing questions from detractors about its sustainability credentials. This report helps clubs and courses understand what is being said online about golf's environmental impact - and how best to respond.‎
Golf & Social Media: Engaging Women

Golf & Social Media: Engaging Women

Despite recent increases in both the number and proportion of female golfers, social media continues to reflect some of golf’s long-term challenges in attracting women. Instagram and TikTok could be part of the solution, this report suggests.
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Golf & Social Media: Diversity

Golf is yet to persuade the public it is a game for all, but there are many successful examples of greater diversity. This report outlines the opportunity clubs have to reach a wider audience - and how to do it.


Golf & Social Media: The Great Divide

A pioneering social media listening project produced in conjunction with global market research firm Ipsos, analyzing 16.1 million mentions of golf to learn what people say about the sport as well as their experiences of the game.

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