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Dave Sampson

Ryder Cup course architect reveals design for drama

Designer speaks to Syngenta Growing Golf podcast

Sue de Zwart Augusta 2002

Talking Turf: Sue de Zwart

South African describes her rise to the top

A bird watching tour at BallenIsles Country Club

BallenIsles boosted by rare birds and honey bees

Ballenbees produced 450 pounds of honey


Our immersive multimedia features are an in-depth look at issues facing the golf industry, providing real-world examples, research based insights and expert opinions on some of the most salient topics in modern golf. and the Muslim Golf Association

Unlocking diversity: Golf's opportunity to access untapped communities

The significant communities beyond golf's traditional audiences

Golf course climate resilience

How to make golf courses climate resilient

A deep dive into golf, sustainability and climate resilience

Golf course city

Golf Under Threat

The race for urban green space is on


These infographic articles are based on market-leading research from around the globe, highlighting important information and providing practical tips to those looking to grow the game and increase participation.

Mental Health Infographic

Survey reveals mental health challenges

60% of respondents report increased problems

Jenny Roe Teaser

How green spaces benefit wellbeing

What happens to us when we come into contact with nature?

Golf and mental wellbeing

Survey indicates golf as stress relief

More than half of recipients choose golf for 'mental wellbeing'


These stories and interviews are a celebration of those at the forefront, pushing the boundaries and evolving the game in order to reach a more modern and diverse audience.

Karen Proctor

'Greater visibility of golf careers needed'

Sales director calls for greater...

Rose Fielder, Director of Engineering Operations at Ping

Ping director on quest for greater diversity

Engineer targeting college graduates

Q&A: Hoylake greenkeeper Rhian Barton

Toro Young Student Greenkeeper of the Year speaks to Syngenta Golf

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Golf & Social Media: The Great Divide


A groundbreaking study analyzing 16.1 million mentions of golf in social media conversations and customer reviews. Learn what people are saying about golf and their experiences – and find out more about two distinct customer profiles, ‘Insiders’ and ‘Outsiders’. 

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