Nearly 6m Australians waiting to play golf

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5.8 million potential golfers have nowhere to play – according to a report released in the Australian golf industry.

The findings of the Nature Report, made public last week by the Australian Golf Industry Council, show that of the 9m ‘interested’ in the sport (of whom less than 5% are members) a 54% male, 46% female split of the aforementioned 5.8m have yet to actually play.

Cost is a factor, with 33% of the ‘not played, but would be interested’ category quoting the expense of golf and 43% citing more affordable membership options as keys to turning their interest into playing time.

However, playing partners was an even more pressing issue, with 37% of the same group citing ‘I have no one to play with’ as their primary barrier to playing on a golf course.

AGIC Chair and PGA Chief Executive, Gavin Kirkman, said it was clear how golf could improve in future ahead of the December launch of the National Golf Strategy.

“We need to continue to wrap our arms around members while putting out the welcome mat for newcomers to the game, to connect with everyone who wants to play.

“We’ve been solely focused on club players, but we’ll be stronger as a sport if we embrace other golfers too."

Other clear factors for Australian golf chiefs to ponder were the time it takes to play, proximity to venues, availability of more social/casual options, fewer rules and regulations and a more family-friendly, welcoming environment.

“Those numbers turn everything we’ve been doing on its head,” said Golf Australia chief executive James Sutherland.

“If only five percent of ‘golf people’ are members, the potential for the growth of the game is huge, and certainly more substantial than we’ve ever realised, if we get it right.”