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Forging her future

Game Changers

From Africa to America: Meet future superintendent Caren Mbogo

Preparing courses for reopening

Game Changers

For superintendents preparing courses for reopening, managing golfer expectations is critically important. That’s the view of Stephen Chappell, former head greenkeeper at Glenea...

Profitable by Design

Game Changers

In conversation with Jan Bel Jan, Founder & CEO of Jan Bel Jan Golf Course Design.

Leasha Schwab, Founder of Ladies Leading Turf

Game Changers

“Whose wife are you?”. A question frequently posed to Leasha Schwab in her early years attending the Golf Industry Show, despite being a successful golf course superintendent....

"Creating a golf product for today's family"

Game Changers

Chyloe Kurdas, Female Engagement Senior Manager for Golf Australia, speaks to Syngenta Growing Golf about the cultural expansion that is needed in golf if the industry wants to...

What golf can learn from Parkrun's success

Game Changers

Taking place in beautiful natural settings, providing a community to join, delivering a great way of keeping active and fit, and providing a sense of accomplishment to those inv...